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The Art Of Setting Your Brand Apart At Trade Shows

Trade shows provide business owners from all industries with excellent opportunities to grow their brands. If you’re trying to take your company to the next level, a trade show will put you in the right place to do so. Mixing and mingling with like-minded business professionals helps you to gain new insight. Meeting and greeting members of your target audience will help you to boost sales. But what can you do to set your brand apart at trade shows?

Use humour to make yourself memorable.

No one is asking you to perform a stand-up comedy routine. But the whole “laughter is the best medicine” analogy works wonders at trade shows. Remember that, as a business owner, you’re expected to be a problem solver. What problems do your customers have that you can solve? The answer isn’t always in the product or service you offer. It’s in how you treat your customers. A warm and affable approach will help to endear your brand to everyone you meet.

“Remember that buzz means conversation,” says Brandon Stapper of 858 Graphics on, “You want to provide customers who go past your booth with opportunities for conversation. I think ‘keep it positive’ can fall flat. We hear positive marketing messages so often, they become dull. Step up and provide people with something humorous they can pass along, and you’ll get people talking about you.”

Design a booth using three bright colours.

It’s important to make your trade show display highly recognizable and eye-catching. To do so, use, bright contrasting colours that help to accentuate the various elements of your display.  According to BTWN Exhibits, you shouldn’t use too few or too many colours. Three is the magic number.

“A good rule of thumb is to start with 3 and follow the 60% – 30% – 10% design rule,” informs their website, “Apply your primary colour to 60% of your space (to unify the various elements of your design). Apply your secondary colour to 30% of your space (to create contrast). Apply your accent colour to the last 10% of your design (to emphasize important elements, graphics, and text).”

Give away something unique.

It’s important to leave all of your visitors with lasting impressions. One way to do that is to make sure you engage with them in genuine ways. Get to know them as much as you want them to get to know your business. It’s also wise, however, to ensure that your visitors leave with something to remember you by. Giving away promotional items at trade shows is practically a must. But, as, warns, unoriginal gifts like pens and mugs aren’t that effective.

“You can stand out from the bland big dogs by giving away something quirkier and still putting your company’s brand on it,” contributes Marvin Amberg of Caseable, “Corporate headphones, balloons, laptop skins, socks, sunglasses, even Rubik’s cubes; the options are endless, and the chances of standing out are huge!”

Accept digital payments.

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