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3 More Advantages Of Having An Online Menu

In our last blog, we revisited the topic of online menus. We pointed out a number of benefits. They included the fact that online menus enable 100% order accuracy, offer excellent marketing sources and give restaurateurs insight into customer preferences.

Here are three more advantages of having an online menu.

1. It saves a ton on printing costs.

How often have you had to update your physically-held menus? Any time there is a change to the menu options or the prices of meals, your menu needs to change. With an online menu, you never have to worry about reprinting physical copies. Changes can be made easily and seamlessly at no cost.

“Even if you’re not printing menus often, it’s still a cost that must be incurred every time your offering is updated,” says UK food data management software company, Nutritics, “In addition to the price paid for paper and ink, you’re paying for the time it takes, too. In contrast, you can change a digital menu whenever you want — even just to fix a typo — without paying anything.”

2. It offers customers a 24/7 service.

No longer do people have to wait until they enter a restaurant to figure out what’s on the menu. In today’s world, customers can know, well in advance, what they plan on eating during their next meals. Most restaurants are not open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Online menus, on the other hand, are available all around the clock. Customers can place their orders early and schedule pickups, making their lives so much easier.

“Your restaurant is probably not open 24/7 but your online ordering platform is,” UEAT explains, “This helps you generate income even when you’re not operating. Indeed, offering online ordering to your clients gives them the flexibility to place their orders whenever is best for them. This means that they can order outside business hours and select their preferred pickup or delivery time when your business is open. With online ordering, your restaurant never sleeps!”

3. It accepts payments with ease.

Arguably, the greatest feature of an online menu is its ability to double as a payment processor. By offering an internet-based method to order food, restaurateurs don’t just allow their customers to select meal options. They also enable people to pay for their meals in advance of pickup or delivery.

“Perhaps one of the best benefits of online payment for restaurants is how fast and convenient it is,” notes Laura-Andreea Voicu of GloriaFood, “Customers don’t need to worry about having enough cash or calling the restaurant to provide their credit card information. They can fill it in themselves directly in the ordering widget or use other online payment methods. Moreover, they have the option to save their credit card information on their device for future purchases, so they don’t have to go through this process every time they order.”

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