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3 Top Benefits Of Putting Your Restaurant’s Menu Online

Remember March of 2020? The world changed in so many ways. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic sent us all into a stay-safe frenzy. Among the countless changes we made, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, was to take full advantage of contactless technology. The restaurant industry, for example, adopted online menus as their go-to sources of providing customers with meal options.

Today, in our post-pandemic world, the extreme convenience of having an online menu still cannot be denied. For restaurateurs everywhere, having an online menu is practically a must.

Here are three top benefits of putting your restaurant’s menu online:

1. It enables 100% order accuracy.

Gone are the days when miscommunication over the phone could ruin a food order. With an online menu, customers are able to easily select what it is they want to eat. They can do so without having to relay that information verbally to another human being. This makes sure that each order is fulfilled correctly, greatly growing customer satisfaction.

“When customers order by phone or in person, oftentimes misunderstandings occur due to poor communication and employees make mistakes in the orders,” notes UEAT, “As a result, customers are unhappy, food is wasted and money is lost. With online orders, the customer sees the entire order before submitting it removing human error from the equation.”

2. It offers an excellent marketing source.

It is much easier to market to current customers than it is to attract new ones. When customers go online to place their food orders, they also receive a wealth of information, We’re talking new menu items, current discounts, upcoming events and just about anything else a restaurant wants to promote. Online menus, therefore, are great advertising tools.

“93% of people view online restaurant menus before dining out and what you’re offering to eat is a huge contributing factor in whether or not someone decides to dine with you,” informs Taylor Kelly of 7shifts, “If your menu isn’t online, you’re behind the times. People want to know what kind of food and drinks you offer before they step into your establishment.”

3. It provides insight into customer preferences.

With an online menu, each customer is able to easily select his or her desired meals. The technology enables the restaurant to recall such data. This means that the next time the customer places an order for food, the app can recall the previous order. As a result, customers are offered even greater conveniences with selecting meals. Customer relationships are strengthened and revenues for restaurants increase.

As UEAT points out, “knowing what your customers want is a huge advantage, and online ordering platforms are a great way to get that information. Unlike third-party services, in-house ordering systems allow you to gather valuable customer information and monitor order patterns for each transaction. Without this data, you wouldn’t be able to know who your regular customers are, what food they order the most and when they usually order.”

Is your restaurant’s menu online?

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