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Is It Really Worth It To Use Credit Cards That Offer Travel Rewards?

For many credit cards users, “Where am I going to take my next trip?” is a question regularly on their minds. That’s because they take advantage of credit cards that offer travel rewards. There are so many to choose from. Depending on the travel rewards credit card you use, you can earn points that can be put towards airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. As well, there are numerous other travel benefits available.

The WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard helps you fly faster.

Vacation lovers are encouraged to take advantage of the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard. The creditcardGenius team highlights the fact that the card has an annual fee of $119. However, it comes with an annual companion voucher. It allows users to buy a second (companion) flight for a cheaper rate based on the destination. Canadian destinations are only $99!

“The card also gives you (and anyone else travelling with you on the same itinerary) free checked bags on all Westjet flights,” reports the creditcardGenius website, “This is something that most people underestimate for savings. If I travel round trip for a vacation I would typically save $50 per trip ($25 per flight), which turns into $100 savings if I travel with someone (usually the case).”

The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers a ton of travel benefits.

On, Anya Kartashova champions the Chase Sapphire Reserve. This card is offered to American consumers. However, it’s important to highlight it as an example of why so many credit card users love getting travel rewards. Kartashova points out that the Chase Sapphire Reserve has a $550 annual fee. It sounds pretty steep, doesn’t it? However, she notes that the benefits that come with the card make it worth the cost.

The card comes with an easy-to-use annual $300 credit good toward travel purchases and up to $60 in DoorDash statement credits. It also offers trip delay insurance, baggage delay reimbursement, auto collision damage waiver on rental cars and roadside assistance among many other benefits. “These perks alone can offset the amount to hold the card every year, plus you get to earn points toward travel by making everyday purchases with the card,” Kartashova writes.

The Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card has a full suite of travel insurance.

It’s not all about free trips. It’s also about the coverage you can get when taking those trips. Savvy travellers know how important it is to get travel emergency medical coverage. The creditcardGenius team points out that the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card is perfect for such necessities.

It offers insurance for Travel Accident, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Flight Delay, Baggage Delay, Lost or stolen baggage, Hotel Burglary, Rental Car theft and damage and Extended Warranty and purchase protection.

Do you accept credit cards in your store?

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