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Honestly, Do Gift Cards Make Good Gifts For Seniors?

June begins in a couple of days! That means that, within a couple of weeks, Father’s Day will be here. People all over Canada will be shopping for gifts for Dad in the weeks to come. Even dads are looking for gifts…for their dads! Father’s Day can just as easily be called Grandfather’s Day since so many dads have dads of their own. But what do you buy someone who may already have “everything”?

Many people feel that making purchases for older adults is difficult because they don’t “need” anything. After all, many seniors aren’t necessarily into the latest fashions, music or movies. This is what makes gift cards such great gifts for older folks. They are the perfect ways of saying “you can have whatever your heart desires!”

It’s hard to go wrong with food!

We all have to eat, no matter our ages. Gift cards that double as fun experiences are among the greatest presents to give an older adult. A restaurant gift card entails taking your elderly loved one out for a good time complete with good eats. He or she will likely appreciate the time spent with you more than the meal. However, as Gift Card Granny points out, everyone needs food, and there is so much good food to enjoy for everyone’s own taste.

“Getting a senior a gift card to a local spot they love is a great way to show your appreciation and it will undoubtedly bring a smile to their face,” says the website, “Gift cards to restaurants are especially nice because they are so easy to use. Your friend can decide when they use it, who to celebrate with, and even what meal they want to have out.”

Give the gift of independence!

What many senior citizens will tell you is that the hardest part about aging is losing your independence. This is especially true for those who suffer with mobility issues. Older people who need caregivers to assist them with their everyday activities find it difficult to cope emotionally. Who doesn’t like to do things on their own? When you look at things from this perspective, a gift card is a great way to offer a senior a renewed sense of independence.

A gift card allows a recipient to make his or her own decisions about what to buy. By empowering the elderly loved one in your life with the choice to purchase what he or she pleases, you are, in fact, offering more of a gift than you may realize.

“The importance of being independent is twofold for seniors,” explains Comfort Keepers, “Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control as certain aspects of their life change as they age. Additionally, maintaining independence promotes a sense of achievement that for many seniors generates a great sense of self-worth and wellbeing.”

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