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Why Online Is Now Preferred Over The Phone For Ordering Food

There once was a time when people “called for a pizza” when they were hungry and in need of a quick and convenient belly-filling solution. Of course, that time isn’t exactly over. However, in today’s world, picking up the phone to order food is no longer the go-to meal-fulfilling decision. The internet has taken over. These days, people much prefer to order their food online.

Online menus are always up to date.

Online menus can easily be changed by your web designer any time an addition or subtraction to your menu is made. This works wonders in the world of customer satisfaction. Your printed menus can’t be changed as quickly. So, when in the hands of customers, outdated menus can elicit calls for items that aren’t available. Online menus always ensure customers that what they want is readily available.

“It is very easy and also cheap to maintain and create an online menu,” notes The Other Stream, “Not only you save the printing cost, but it’s also flexible if one wants to change the menu. One can add or remove dishes as per their own wish. Also, a good menu with attractive dishes helps in attracting the customers.”

Orders are fulfilled much quicker.

Arguably, the number one reason that people order food either by phone or online is to get it quickly. Today’s consumers have noticed that they get their hands (and therefore, their mouths) on their food quicker when the orders are placed online. This is because, as Gordon Food Service Contributors informs us, online orders are received in less than 30 seconds.

“Customers can spend more time on your menu and deliberately click the items they want,” explains their website, “The order comes to you electronically, exactly as the customer specified. Plus, you automatically get a copy of the order for your records. This frees your staff to focus on filling orders and improving the dine-in experience.”

Order details are never misunderstood.

Speaking of “calling for pizza”, has the following scenario ever happened to you? You call up a popular pizza place and ask for the prices for the various sizes of pizza it offers. After hearing the options, you request “the largest” size pizza the restaurant has. Upon visiting the location to pick up your order, you get a “large” pizza instead of the largest size which was “extra large”. These misunderstandings are easily avoided when placing an order online.

“One of the biggest issues that one faces with phone conversations is the misunderstandings of the order that can happen very easily,” confirms The Other Stream, “It only takes a single mistake for compromising an order and frustrating the customer. With online food ordering, all preferences can be chosen by the customers, so there is no room for any confusions or misunderstandings.”

Get your customers’ orders right every time!

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