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Does Online Shopping Remain Popular Throughout The Springtime?

On March 19th, spring will officially commence! For many Canadians, this is a very joyous time of year as they get to say goodbye to another long and cold winter. For retailers, the spring season is a special one. The warmer weather brings more consumers out of their homes. However, that doesn’t mean that online shopping will necessarily slow down. The internet remains a popular shopping destination all throughout the springtime.

E-commerce makes life easy.

For many of today’s consumers, online shopping is the way to go because it is so easy. Not every shopper actually enjoys shopping. There are many who just love the convenience of clicking a few buttons in order to have products delivered to their doorsteps. It’s important to ensure that your e-commerce site is as user-friendly as possible. Often, it’s the ease of the experience that makes consumers want to keep coming back.

“Online availability of products has made life easier for them, because they now buy everything they need, from basic daily needs to expensive items, while continuing their active lives, no matter who they are,” says Max on, “The idea of ​​not having to go out in a busy market, queuing for small things and visiting different stores for different types of purchases, was altered by the idea of ​​websites offering all kinds of products under the same field.”

Online shopping improves the customer experience.

Consumers love the ease and convenience that comes with making online purchases. One of the top reasons for that is the fact that online stores are open all around the clock. Work schedules often make it difficult for people to visit stores in person. With e-commerce, a hard-working professional can grab his/her smartphone at midnight before getting into bed to make a purchase.

“Your site will provide customers with the convenience of 24/7 shopping from anywhere,” reminds the Business Development Bank of Canada, “You can make the experience even better with apps that allow customers to examine your merchandise up close and chat with your staff.”

Many people use their smartphones to shop.

Make no mistake about it. The majority of online shoppers use their smartphones to complete their purchases. Could it get any easier than to pull out your pocket-sized mobile device to go shopping? Smartphones enable people to make purchases at any time and from anywhere. It’s vital that your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly to accommodate this growing trend of phone shopping.

On, Ying Lin reports that “more than half (50.9 percent) of online shoppers worldwide currently use their mobile phones to purchase products online at least once a week.” The numbers come courtesy of a 2023 DataReportal study.

Do you need some help with setting up an e-commerce site?

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