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Mastering The Art Of Being A Productive Remote Worker

Even before the pandemic hit us, back in 2020, working from home was a thing. It just so happens to be more of a thing today than it ever was before. Working outside of a traditional office space certainly has its upsides. Among them is setting your own work schedule, avoid long commutes and, of course, having pretty easy access to the bathroom!

In all seriousness, being a productive remote worker requires that you set up a functional workspace and maintain a consistent morning schedule. It’s also wise to give yourself regular breaks. There are, however, a few other important ways to master the art of being a productive remote worker.

Be fully awake before beginning work.

Do you have a 9 a.m. phone meeting scheduled for tomorrow? It’s definitely not a good idea to open your eyes at around 8:45 a.m. to grab your phone and begin your meeting in bed. Treat your work day as you would any other by fully preparing for work before it begins. It’s important to be alert and attentive, especially when it involves interacting with other business professionals.

On, Becca insists that you take a shower before sitting down to work. “Taking a shower is a way to wake up,” she reminds us, “If you’re a morning shower-er, then it’s part of your morning routine as well. Try to keep your morning routine as close to your go-into-the-office routine as you typically would, minus the ‘getting ready to commute.’”

Get the internet speed you need.

From personal experience, this blogger can attest to the fact that computer and other technology issues can completely ruin a work day. If you work on a computer, like the vast majority of at-home workers, it’s imperative that you have excellent internet speed. You can Google “speedtest” to run a test and find out how fast your current internet speed is. A good internet speed is anywhere between 25 and 100 Mbps.

Dress appropriately for work.

It can be very tempting to conduct all of your business in your pyjamas. However, it’s not bound to make you feel very professional. Part of being a professional is looking the part. While no one may be watching you, it can be very motivating when you get dressed to impress. As Becca points out, being in pyjamas will likely make you feel unprofessional.

“We’ve recently been being more intentional with how we dress during our work day and it helps create some separation between home life and work life,” she writes, “To have your most professional and office-ready voice turned on, put on some ‘real pants’ and even a blouse, if that is what you’re used to. Anything more messy or reminiscent of what you slept in will make you feel slow, sleepy and less-prepared for doing work.”

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