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Making Your Online Store The Perfect Place For Mother’s Day Shopping

Mother’s Day takes place this Sunday, May 12th. That doesn’t leave people much time to shop for gifts for their mommies. However, there is still enough time for you to spruce things up around your online store in order to boost sales. What can you do to make your online store the perfect place for Mother’s Day shopping?

Launch a Mother’s Day giveaway.

It doesn’t matter what occasion you’re celebrating. If you host a contest or launch a giveaway, in celebration of it, you’re going to attract consumers. Who doesn’t love opportunities to get something for free? By launching a Mother’s Day giveaway, you don’t just attract shoppers to enter a contest. You also encourage repeat visits to your site. Consider a contest that simply requests for people to submit their names and email addresses.

“If you’re looking to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and gain more leads, consider launching a giveaway,” suggests, “Whether you’re asking people to tag their friends in the comments section on Instagram, sign up for a newsletter or follow your social accounts, the exposure from a giveaway goes a long way.”

Turn your homepage pink.

Okay, it doesn’t have to be pink! But it’s definitely a good idea to show all of your website’s visitors that your online shop caters to all of their Mother’s Day needs. Visuals count for a lot. It’s easy to hop from one website to the next. When your site is visually stimulating, it both draws and maintains attention. Make it abundantly clear that your e-commerce site has Mother’s Day shoppers in mind by sprucing up its homepage with new imagery.

“Our decisions are based on emotions and the way things are presented to us,” insists, “Show that you care. Show affection and appreciation. Provide great customer experience and unique incentives for your customers. Use colour palettes associated with Mother’s Day: pink, red and white.”

Create a Mother’s Day gift guide.

What should I buy for Mom? Believe it or not, the majority of Mother’s Day shoppers really aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Outside of the traditional flowers, Mother’s Day gifts can often be hard to choose. Make it easy on shoppers by creating a Mother’s Day gift guide that includes some of your most popular items. Be sure to share a link to this guide on all of your social media accounts.

“For last-minute shoppers, a gift guide is a sure way to catch their eye,” notes, “Just like one would ask ‘what do you recommend?’ in a physical retail location, a curated list of products streamlines the research process for customers, making it easier for shoppers to make up their mind and ultimately ‘add to cart.’”

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