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Honestly, Should Gift Cards Be Given As Easter Presents?

You may have noticed that we’ve started a gift card-themed series of blogs. It involves titles which are basically rhetorical questions. Today’s edition is no different. Yes, gift cards make excellent Valentine’s Day presents! But do they make great Easter presents too?

For those who celebrate Easter, such traditions as big family dinners and Easter egg hunts for the children are practiced. As well, there is usually gift-giving from adults to children. So you may be wondering if Easter can truly join the list of special celebrations where gift cards make good presents. Wonder no more. Gift cards are excellent for all occasions!

Is it time for some new clothes?

On, gift card expert, Shelley Hunter reminds us all that Easter coincides with spring weather. So, as a result, spring-themed clothing is often given as Easter gifts. Therefore, Hunter lists gifts cards for clothing stores as top Easter gift choices.

“Whether the kids in your life need new church clothes for Easter Sunday or have outgrown last year’s shorts, spring is a great time to buy,” she writes, “The new colours of the season are on the racks, the weather is changing and thoughts of summer vacation are starting to bubble up. With an Easter gift card to a favorite clothing store such as Old Navy, Forever 21, H&M or Justice, there is an opportunity to buy something your child needs and still have fun.”

There is no shortage of gift card types that make great Easter presents!

Hunter points out that kids love going out to eat and suggests gift cards for burger joints and ice cream shops as Easter gifts. She also highlights the fact that movies and other forms of entertainment are top draws for young people. Of course, we can’t forget toy stores. Giving young children the opportunity to pick out their favourite new toys is the ultimate Easter present.

“Get your son or daughter a gift card to a local toy store, game center or craft store so he or she can pick out a new game or a new activity,” suggests Hunter, “If the kids have been cooped up all winter, then this may be the perfect way to get them up, outside and moving again.”

Get the kids to hunt for their cards.

As we mentioned earlier, Easter egg hunts are popular practices during the annual observance of the holiday. Traditionally, kids look for chocolate eggs or bunny-shaped chocolate among other sugary treats. But who says Easter egg hunts should only have candy as hidden treasures? A separate article suggests hiding gift cards for the children in your life to find during their Easter egg hunts.

“Picture this – the kiddos squealing with delight as they find plastic gift cards hidden among the Easter eggs!” reads the website, “Grab a photo from last year’s Easter celebration or snap one of Grandma in this year’s Easter hat. Write “You found me!” on the card’s message line, then ask the Easter Bunny to hide it along with all the other eggs.”

This year, the Easter long weekend begins on Friday, March 29th!

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